We Are Looking for Affiliate Partners!

We Are Looking for Affiliate Partners!

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We Will have banners ready soon. After you Sign Up we will shoot you an email on details of when our banners and links will be available. ETA: 1 week.

Shooting Industry Partners

Chaos Inc is looking to build partnerships with Affiliated Websites in the Shooting Industry.

Building great partnerships with Industry shakers and movers online will a be healthy way to strengthen our brand and get our product in front of the people that need it most.



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How It Works

Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn considerable commissions on referred sales to www.chaosus.com

  1. We provide you with banners that promote our brand.
  2. We help integrate and implement those banners into your existing website with the help of our Web Developer Team.
  3. Attached to the banner is a unique tracking code.
  4. A visitor on your website clicks the banner.
  5. They are directed to www.chaosus.com
  6. They make a purchase.
  7. You automatically receive a commission percentage of that sale in your Affiliate Dashboard. Which deposits into your Bank, Paypal accounts.

The more traffic you have, the more visitors can potentially click our banners and purchase from us.

Affiliate Benefits & You

  • Completely FREE with no Cost to You!
  • Earn considerable passive income from these affiliate sales
  • Building a strengthened partnership with a strong brand in the marketplace
  • Healthy SEO link building for your website 
  • Professionally design and appearance of banners on your website 

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