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!NOTICE! Product has a Limited Pre-Order offer of $177.95 !NOTICE!The New AR-15 14" Keymod Rail (featured in M-LOK as well) is off to be finished and anodized. We will be sending all of you immediate updates and info as it happens! Updates to Expect Pre-Orders Product Overview Installation Video Production Schedule

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In Review We have had a good long 2016 with our amazing customers. New product releases have been very successful. And our newest products in development have been well received. We look forward to providing top notch customer service, excellence product quality, at an affordable price that helps you in 2017!  What's new with Chaos Inc. going into the 2017, the new year? In-house Laser Marking for quick lead time and product quality assurance Moved vendor services close by to reduce lead time in production and costs Improved Customer Return Area on our website. Making returns easier for you New products in development. AR-15...

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