Get on the Waitlist for the Chaos-12 Shotgun

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Get on the Waitlist for the Chaos-12 Shotgun

What We have Done

  • Fully Finished Gas Sysytem
  • 12 GA Receiver
  • AR15 Stock Adapter
  • Trigger Housing (Featuring Ambidextrous AR15 Trigger/Safety, Accepts Drop In Triggers)
  • Lightweight Aluminum Keymod Forend
  • Mag well

What are We Working On?

  • Bolt/Carrier
  • and More

What is Ahead

The CHAOS-12 is going to weigh in at just under or right at 7 lbs.

Check Back Periodically for updates and info. Sign Up above to be the first to get a Chaos-12 Shotgun!


  • Kyle

    Looks like what I’ve been dream’n of. Will it accept the Vepr 25 round drum?
    Will it cycle low brass shells?

  • Troy M Mauller

    No longer working for sumitomo but will be purchasing this gun asap

  • Travis Poarch

    Is there going to be an option to switch to saiga 12 mags. BTW I’ve got the full length chaos rail that goes to the rear of the receiver on my saiga 12. I bought it just after they became available and I still love it just as much as when I received it in the mail.

  • Admin

    The barrel will be threaded to accept all standard saiga12 and ver12 muzzle devices. It uses vepr12 magazines. So the max capacity magazine is only limited by what’s is available in the vepr12 market.

  • Steve

    I agree with Jared …drop the tag a little….or even sell a skelletonized version we can dress ourselves.
    Looks like it will be just what the doctor ordered!….is that a threaded barrel?

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