Chaos 12 Gauge Shotgun Rebranded as Chaos-12 or C-12

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Chaos 12 Gauge Shotgun Rebranded as Chaos-12 or C-12

With considerable feedback, Chaos Inc. concluded that our audience perceived that "WOC" sounded like it might be from China. Chaos Inc. would like to put to rest that the CHAOS-12/C-12 Shotgun will be manufactured 100% in the U.S.A. in our Manufacturing Facility in Evansville, IN. 

What We have Done

  • 12 GA Receiver
  • AR15 Stock Adapter
  • Trigger Housing (Featuring Ambidextrous AR15 Trigger/Safety, Accepts Drop In Triggers)
  • Lightweight Aluminum Keymod Forend

What are We Working On?

  • Mag well
  • Bolt/Carrier
  • Gas System
  • and More

What is Ahead

The CHAOS-12 is going to weigh in at just under or right at 7 lbs.

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  • Admin

    “Nathan Ciszek” Yes this shotgun will have interchangeable barrels from smooth to rifled barrels.

  • Admin

    “Mikel Miller” Price point may be around the $1200-$1400 range. It is quite a while out on production. Yes this gun will have a gas system that works for low and high brass loads.

  • Nathan Ciszek

    I would like to see interchangeable barrels so we can go from smooth bore to rifled similar to other shotgun formats. I’m already sold either way, so get it done and I’ll buy one.

  • Mikel Miller

    Waiting for price and when the shotgun will be on the market…Hopefully with a variable gas system for lower or high end shells as well as suppresors???

  • RIK

    I’m in, but at what price point?
    Off to a great start in my opinion and I would prefer to buy American vs the Saiga.

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