Get Chaos Alerts on Your Desktop, Tablet, Phone!

Get Chaos Alerts on Your Desktop, Tablet, Phone!

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Promo Alerts

Receive Promotional Alerts to all of your devices with no app download required. You will be the first to know of new products, sales, and promotional giveaways!

Discount Alerts

The moment a product is discounted at You will be alerted. This gives you the opportunity to grab the best deals we offer, when they are available.

Delivery Updates

From the moment you purchase your product from Be alerted of when it ships, track where it is, and when it will arrive. No more hassle of checking back on the website or USPS's website.

Price Drop Alerts

The very second a Price drops on any product. You will receive an immediate alert. Allowing you take full advantage of our sales, promo price drops, etc.

Back In Stock Alerts

If you want Chaos product and it is Sold Out. No problem, Sign up and be alerted when it's Back in Stock. And get your item within 5-7 business days!


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