Chaos-12 Shotgun Under Development!

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Chaos-12 Shotgun Under Development!

What We are Doing

We are back to work on the Chaos-12 prototype.

Currently we are working on the AK style gas system. The Chaos-12 Receiver, Trigger Housing, Stock Adapter, are near complete.

What is Ahead

The Bolt Carrier is next in the queue. We cannot give a deadline at this time. Our goal is to be firing this prototype in 2-3 months. After many thousands of rounds and several torture tests. The Chaos-12 and it's components will be examined for any signs of stress and wear. And then we will move on to presenting the Chaos-12 to the Public. The Chaos-12 is going to weigh in at just under or right at 7 lbs.

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  • Ian Watton

    Barrel length? Smooth bore or rifled? Would be great if you offered both. Assuming it will be chambered in 2 3/4" or 3"?

  • Admin

    This indeed will use a very common barrel format.

  • GunFun ZS

    I’m very excited about this. I hope by the time this is on the market Washington will allow SBS.

    Is this using some common barrel format with an easy to mount gas block? That would make for good supply of rifled barrels, etc.

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