Chaos Inc. Unveils Apollo Keymod Rail Line

May 05, 2016

Keymod Rails for AK & Variants, Saiga 12, DDI 12, Kalashnikov USA US109T, Saiga .308, & Vepr 12.


Evansville, IN  Chaos Inc. unveils their newest product line Apollo Keymod Rails for various weapon platforms, including AK & Variants, Saiga 12, Saiga .308 and Vepr 12.

The new Apollo Keymod Rails from Chaos Inc. are designed to improve customer quality and satisfaction with a newer, lighter, more modular system. Pricing for these products has yet to be released, but will remain as affordable as current Chaos Inc. products.

The following products to be released include:

  • The New “v12 Apollo” Keymod Rail will be the first Keymod platform for the VEPR 12 Shotgun, giving VEPR 12 owner’s a little more to choose from. Rail Length: 3.875”. Weight of at 7.8 oz.
  • The New “s12 Apollo X” Keymod Rail will also be the first Keymod system for the Saiga 12, DDI 12 (With Modification) and Kalashnikov USA US109T Shotguns. It is designed much like the existing Chaos Saiga 12 Extended Quad Rail.  Rail Length: 13.000”.. Weight of 12.1 oz.
  • The New “AK Apollo 11380” Keymod Rail is made for Typical AK’s and Variants. Rail Length: 9.187”. Weight of 13.2 oz.
  • The New “s308 Apollo 11380” Keymod Rail will be the first Keymod platform for the Saiga .308 Rifle. Rail Length: 9.187”. Weight of 13.2 oz.


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